We are a consultancy office connecting Policy, Strategy and Technology. We work in between managers, the world of engineers and the executing parties. Policies ask for a clear vision and problem definition. By using Strategy, conduct will be carried out, which is another reason to choose for the right strategies. Technology is covered by Achievement. We will use our reliability and quality in the design, tender and accompaniment of the making-process and testing.

In this triangle our services are covering the determining of visions and policy. The valuation of Policy, Strategy and translating it to practical implements are also covered by the PST – triangle. Next to that, our contacts and experiences with different governments are valuable in this process. Contemporaneously our stout knowledge of infrastructural standards will obviously be to your advantage.

Due to our protracted experience in the world of engineering and our substantially expanded network, we are able to check what and who is needed for the designing, carrying out and testing of infrastructural works. On account of our expanded technical competence we are able to work in a way that is problem solving, innovative and even offer a solution when others have failed. Since governments leave more and more to ‘the Market’ there exists a gap between the two; which we will bridge with our knowledge of business. We translate the wishes of governments to strategies and technical solutions necessary for starting, constructing and maintaining big infrastructural works as tunnels, roads and bridges. In addition to this we will use our abundance of knowledge of requirements concerning Environment and Safety.

We have a lot of knowledge installation technology concerned, and invite you to look into the following subjects: Expertise, Work areas, Portfolio and Experiences that you will find on this website.

We also want to point out the publications that you will find on the website.


April 2014 Study on calculation methods for entrance lighting

Januari 2014 New calculation model for calculating overpressure

Since 2012 until now Tunnel Safety Officer in Flanders, Belgium

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